Top 5 Reasons to Change Your Oil

Top 5 Reasons to Change Your Oil

Your car is a significant investment. The last thing you want is letting it go so long without an oil change that it starts costing even more to fix or, even worse, cause damages that can't be fixed at all. The five reasons you should change your oil regularly include the following:

A Healthy Engine Is A Happy Engine

The best things about oil changes are that they can keep your car running smoothly and maintain the engine's performance. Over time, gunk will accumulate in your engine until you notice significant problems like overheating or sudden power loss. Avoid these issues by changing your oil regularly.

Gas Mileage

You might have noticed that your gas mileage has decreased recently. That could be due to a buildup of sludge and gunk inside the engine, which can cause significant wear-and-tear on parts and make it harder for you to get around without using more fuel.

Increases Performance

Dirty car engines don't perform well because stains and contaminants can build up on engine components like metal surfaces, causing them to wear prematurely or corrode. By changing your oil regularly, you'll keep these contaminants at bay and avoid any costly repairs in the future.

Save Money On Gas & Maintenance

Unmaintained engines have worse performance, and as a result, they also tend to use more fuel to compensate for existing issues. If your engine's oil is old and broken down, you will find excessive wear, leading to higher maintenance costs.

Good For The Environment

Not only will an oil change keep your car running smoothly, but it can also reduce harmful emissions that contribute to global warming. By changing your oil regularly, you'll save gas and be doing something positive for the environment at the same time.

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If you don't change your oil, it will eventually turn into sludge and clog up your engine. That can result in expensive repairs or even a breakdown on the side of the road. To avoid these scenarios, contact us to schedule an appointment for a quick checkup next time you come in for any other service work. Visit our Service Centre today and learn more about our new inventory.

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