Picking the Right Winter Tires in Hanna, Alberta

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Tire Size

Picking the right winter tires for your vehicle is critical because this will decide if your drive home is something you look forward to or something that will put fear in you. Knowing the exact tire size that your vehicle needs to exert the required traction on that snowy road is very important. Snow and winter tires are made in a different design than regular ones.

The Best Winter Tires

The legal minimum requirement for a winter tire in Canada is one with the Mud and Snow symbol (M+S) on the sidewall. These tires have a minimum tread depth of 3.5 mm to be operational once they are below the limit, it's time for replacements. Snow and winter tires have specific grooves and patterns that make them more suitable to dig into snow with maximum traction by pushing any water away from the tire's contact patch. The best winter tires that provide the best performance in snow, cold and ice are the ones with the three-peaked mountain and snowflake symbol on the sidewall. These tires offer maximum traction in winter conditions. The three-peaked mountain tires are made of a rubber compound that stays soft on its own during cold temperatures.

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Winter Tires Handling & Braking

These tires also have an aggressive design for the treads, improving traction on ice and snow. Winter tires have better braking performance than regular tires; this is due to deeper treads on the former that provides additional grip. The directional tread pattern on your winter tires gives extra traction to higher protection on snowy and muddy roads. These tread patterns are also excellent when it comes to road-holding at high speeds.

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