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All About Mopar Parts & Accessories

Mopar makes parts and accessories for Chrysler automotive brands, and you can even find performance parts to improve your vehicle's capabilities. Those looking for quality replacement parts for their sedans, SUVs, and trucks can replace the original component with OEM parts made by Mopar. By sticking with Mopar components, you will maintain the same performance and safety standards, letting your vehicle function as intended.


What does Mopar stand for?

Mopar stands for "motor parts" Chrysler first introduced this name in 1937 on a can of antifreeze, and because it is easy to remember, now Chrysler uses it across all of its automotive brands.

Are Mopar parts good?

Mopar parts are high quality, and they are direct replacements for original components that come from the factory on many makes and models. By using these parts, you will avoid the mishaps that result from using low-quality aftermarket parts.

Are Mopar genuine parts legit?

Yes, Mopar parts are of the same quality and appearance as the original components found from the factory. Chrysler vehicles come from the factory with Mopar parts installed.

What brands are considered Mopar?

You will find Mopar parts in vehicles made by Chrysler, Fiat, Jeep, Ram, and many more.

Is Mopar an OEM?

Yes, Mopar is an original equipment manufacturer, and you will find their parts across many Chrysler automotive brands.

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